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Park Hilaria!

So it’s the end of the holidays. Back to work. Back to ‘normality’. Well almost…. This week we have the carnival in town! Park Hilaria. A 1km long funfair which takes over the Kennedylaan for 10 days. . This is the 18th edition of the Kennedylaan Kermis. Before 2002 ‘de kermis van Eindhoven’ was spread over 6 different areas in the city. Now the park attracts almost 500,000 visitors! Its busiest after 8pm so if you are not into crowds but want to check it out best to go before the sun goes down! . I must admit, although the Kermis is not really my cup of tea, as the night went on and evening atmosphere intensified I realized how great such an event is for the city. Kids, teenagers, adults and pensioners. All together enjoying the last of the summer vacations. Even on the ‘wipeout’ game where an inflatable arm tries to knock the contestants down. The mix of kids having the time of their lives and adults acting like kids again….was a sight to see.

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