Professional Film Making

Below is a selection of films ranging from interviews and testimonials to animations and information videos for clients. I work with my clients to understand exactly the look and feel they are aiming for and produce films which convey their corporate messages concisely and elegantly. 

 Every year, the city of Eindhoven becomes completely filled with party-goers, old and young, to come together to celebrate in Carnaval! This short 1 minute video was posted on Eindhovencity official social media accounts as promotion of the city. 

To give a better impression of the city, I made this video using 3D imagery available from google earth pro. I created flight paths around the city, looking at some of the cities most iconic and recognisable landmarks. The video was made as a short series to be posted...

This summer I visited my home country of Scotland and spent a week camping in the wilderness, hiking, kayaking and of course filming the adventure along the way. This is a short minute and half long video of some of the landscape footage I took. In the video there is f...

This month I was commissioned to made 6 short films for Best Image, Eindhoven, an advertisement agency specialised in signage around the city of Eindhoven. The testimonial films explain what the company does and why the product is so valuable for their customers. Films...

 This short animation video is made to depict the phasing for the infill of a new office. The transitions are made using after effects (with sketch up model as a base.) 

A 3 minute short film focused on the public space in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I was made as part of field research to determine the usage of the cities urban public space and used as a record for how the situation was after development. 

A timelapse of the sun setting behind St. H. Theresia Kerk in Eindhoven. From my apartment balcony the sun sets only twice a year behind the church steeple. 

 This is an excerpt from a longer film made over during a 4 month long research of Public Space in Eindhoven. A series of short descriptive films were made to express the impact of the 'unseen' elements in our cities. This video is based on the technique of Tracing fro...

Short film of an office research cycle trip to Copenhagen May 2016.

The video was made for the clients annual business conference to show of the latest building project. The video combines 3D renders, animation and information together to provide a concise, exciting and informative video.

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Gordon Thomas Jack | Photography & Film

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