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Plan Celsius, Eindhoven

De Nieuwe Celsiusbuurt. Home to the most colourful architecture and art you will see in Eindhoven! . Located in woensel west, the new Celsius neighbourhood replaced a whole bunch of old houses and transformed the area into a mix of houses and apartments. A central theme which is impossible to miss when you visit here is the beautiful graffiti art which is themed around Thomas Edison. (the project is located on Edisonstraat by the way!). . I must say that in a response to my previous posts about graffiti on buildings... This is how it is done!!!! And done awesomely well. The colourful building facades combined with the graphics really gives the area its own identity. It really feels like a unique unified community as you walk through the neighbourhood. . In terms of cityart, I think as a permenant installation in comparison to temporary artworks, this is really what the city is doing well for. Its not in every city that you would be allowed to create such architecture and urban spaces. . Its similar to the Volta Galvani development which is only a few hundred metres down the street. (it's where the moon is in my previous post). So if you are in the area its really worth taking a walk and having a look. . The artwork was completed by amazing artist @nielsbakkerus!

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