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Warped City...

Warped city 🌀 . #cityart #goldenhour #architecture and a bit of #citygreen! A few of the last #eindhovencity #eindhovencapturedthemes roled into one 😅 . I took this shot last evening after work. From this perspective its quite cool...looks like #warped space. The art form shape (only from this angle I must add) reflects the architectural aperture quite well. For the rest... Well I think most people will know my opinion of this by reading my previous post on this #graffiti #artwork! . The artwork is made by #graffitiartist@1010zzz and @sobercollective . I made this by stitching together about 12 photos. I don't have such a wide angle lens (yet!) which captures so many degrees. . Unfortunately this artwork has already been partially painted over so if you wanna see it you should do it quickly! Go check it out from this angle too.

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