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Herinner u de namen 1940-1945.

Gij die hier staat gedenk hun dood hun offer groot voordat gij gaat. . Herinner u de namen 1940-1945. . It is hard to find poetic words to describe this post. I can only find myself writing facts on what this symbolizes for the city. . This is the liberation monument. Located in the Stadshuisplein in Eindhoven, it was installed on the 10 year anniversary of the liberation of the city on the 18th September 1954. It is a symbol of remembrance, the three figures representing the citizens, the soldiers and the resistance who gave their life so that we could have freedom. . The torch burns bright these nights. In warmth of the light, I am beholden to those men and women who fought and died sacrificing everything more than 70 years ago so that we could have what we have today. . You who stand here - Remember their death - Their great sacrifice - Before you go.

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