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Jeddah DC

Project Architect (Van Aken)
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Concept Design 2014


This 10.000m2 white space data center was designed as part of a new development for the SA government in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The facility was designed as an strong abstract form with all technology completely concealed inside the volume with the air intakes and other vulnerable areas of the façade protected.

The building was split into identical modules and mirrored to allow for air intakes to face perpendicular to the main façade. The air handling units cantilevered on the first floor allows for angular building form to be created.

The entrance and office were designed with the glass facing towards the ground helping with regulating the temperature and also minimizing light visible from aerial views.

The final aesthetic reflects the military status of the data center and provides an aggressive and powerful yet secure visual statement from the exterior. Additional softer details such as the air intakes were created using a digital circuit board pattern to subtly express the high tech elements inside.

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