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Hannaneh's Clock (2017)

When you live in a different country than your loved ones, it is often difficult to remember what time it is and if it is a suitable time to make a skype call or facetime!  Therefore I designed and made the Hannaneh Clock to solve this problem for an Iranian friend who lives in Vancouver in Canada and has her partner living in the Netherlands. The three time zones are visualised in the countries form (not to scale!)  with traditional clock hands representing the time. The special element is with the addition of led lights located on the cities positions. The led are programmed via an arduino board to shines green when it is suitable to call the person in that country, yellow when it is getting a little too late at night, and red when it is after 11pm at night, to show that the call should wait for the next day. Materials are wood with metallic copper plating and the countries profiles are PLA (3D printed). 

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