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Good Evening Eindhoven!

Good evening Eindhoven!!!! 🌙 . The nights are getting shorter now so it’s time for some more night shots again! So I’ve been wandering around the city after work in the evenings again to see what moments I can find! . I also wanted to add to my Eindhoven high rise series and thought I’d try out a night shot for a change. It has been ages! So what better way than to photograph the #studenthotel in #eindhoven. Especially since so many new students for the new academic year has just started!. . So...the student hotel. It’s quite a lonely tower at the moment but its waiting for the rest the develop to surround it! 💪🏼 . To take the photo I find myself squatting in a puddle in the dark soaking my feet, as the dogs are waiting patiently :D Nice thing to note that my tripod smells delightfully of dampness and algae now! 👌🏼 . The building was designed by @ozarchitecten in collab with architecten CIE and completed in 2016. It has 24 floors with a height of 75m. It's quite an 'icon' for when you arrive by train in Eindhoven. I'm curious what it will look like when it gets some happy friends around it in the coming years. Its gonna feel small after the district e project is complete! Where I'm standing now will be other apartment / office blocks. . Fun fact, the tower is made using ‘cradle to cradle’ certified brickwork and concrete made from recycled granulate. Its also designed with a load bearing frame that allows for a fully adjustable interior in the future – basically the whole interior can be redesigned without too much trouble!

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