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New graffiti in Eindhoven...

The entrance to the bicycle park in the #18Septemberplein has had a #graffiti art makeover. It's something! Earlier this week I ran a poll on my stories to see if people liked it... (I must admit to my surprise) an overwhelming 85% were in favour of it! So it seems a positive addition to the city once again #Eindhoven! . If I'm honest, I still have mixed feeling about it though... As all good #art does, it provoked me... It raised a lot of questions for me: Do I like it? What is it? And more importantly... Why is it? It provoked me to think beyond just the bright colours and cool depths illusions. (I think these artists - @sobercollective and @1010zzz are amazingly talented artists and I'm a fan of this type of art!) It #provoked me to question what is it that I don't like. What bothered me about it... And after some thought last night I think simply it's the location... Why was it necessary to 'upgrade' the entrance? Was the #architecture not spectacular enough? What type of message is being conveyed? Are we afraid of white walls? Is the city just going to be covered in graffiti from now on? Is that Eindhovens things? An answer to the public space design? Is it permenant? Is the wittedame too white and will it be next?! As I began to spiral, I figured that it was the #architect inside me that struggled to 'accept' this new addition. 'But why' I kept screaming in my head! I was disappointed to see such an already interesting #architectural form graffitied on. (curious what #fuksasarchitects @fuksas_architectsthink of it!)

Don't get me wrong I think the art around the city is cool! I guess in the end I'm just worried a little that this is becoming Eindhovens new thing. Give the city a cosmetic lift and will suffice... instead of investing real money in upgrading public spaces which have a real long term effect. . Im sure it will grow on me...

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