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Turkcell Data Center & Offices

Role                   Project Architect (Van Aken Architecten)

Location            Istanbul, Turkey

Status               Completed 2016

Turkcell Data Center is the largest data center in Turkey, becoming a crucial point in the “silk road” data connection between Europe and the Middle East.  

With 312 earthquake isolation units, the datacenter can withstand earthquakes of magnitudes of up to 9.0 on the Richter scale. Designed to Tier III design certificate as well as a Leed Gold certificate - a mark of sustainability and energy efficiency.


Spread over a total area of 33,000 m2. The active area – known as the “white space” - consists of 20 rooms of 500 m2 each. The building has 33 thousand meters of fiber connections. The infrastructure is supported by a 30-megawatt energy capacity and 25 generators of 2500 KVA each.

This project was completed in a fast track process, progressing from kick off to end of definitive design within a space of only 12weeks. This was achieved by implimenting a strong BIM protocol at the beginning of the project and working simultaneously with our partners within a combined aspect model to coordinate architecture, structural engineering and mechanical and electrical engineering. 

The architecture was designed as a single mass volume with the MEP equipment plugged into the sides. The building volume is clean and readable, with the air handling units being concealed behind louver facades.


The main building façade was clad with large aluminium panels in 5 shades of grey, staggered to look like lego blocks stacked on top of one another. The pattern created helped break the scale and the monotonous of an otherwise simple box design, and gave a unique aesthetic to the surrounding area.

The main focal point of the architectural form is the offices designed towards the highway with full height glazing stretching the full 25 m height. The glass is setback into the volume defining the office façade and provides a striking aesthetic and more fresh architecture to the industrial facility.

To create a more human scale, the entrance is emphasized with closed panels inserted into the overall glass façade. These entrance wall panels are perforated with the million voices texture to create a unique and special entrance for the facility.

Corporate identity

The concept of Million Voices came from initial discussions with the client about their core business and marketing strategy. The concept was to literally incorporate the voices of Turkcell’s clients in the building to show how important they are to their business.

After recording messages from Turkcell Mobile network users, the audiowave was converted into a vector and then cut into the aluminum cladding panels at the main entrance wall. LED’s were installed behind the façade to illuminate the signage at night.

The entrance wall filled with hundreds of voice recordings meant that the employees who worked at the facility would walk through the voices of their clients every day, reminding them of who they are providing their services for.

The concept has since been used as part of their marketing for all subsequent facilities which are currently being in development.

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