12 Feb 2018

 Every year, the city of Eindhoven becomes completely filled with party-goers, old and young, to come together to celebrate in Carnaval! This short 1 minute video was posted on Eindhovencity official social media accounts as promotion of the city. 

27 Dec 2017

To give a better impression of the city, I made this video using 3D imagery available from google earth pro. I created flight paths around the city, looking at some of the cities most iconic and recognisable landmarks. The video was made as a short series to be posted on social media to promote the city.  You can see other examples which I have made in my blog.  

6 Oct 2017

This summer I visited my home country of Scotland and spent a week camping in the wilderness, hiking, kayaking and of course filming the adventure along the way. This is a short minute and half long video of some of the landscape footage I took. In the video there is footage from the Isle of Skye, Glencoe, Loch Ness, Nairn and general areas of the central highlands. The video is a sort of teaser for what you can expect to see when travelling to the Scottish countryside. The breathtaking rock for...

18 Sep 2017

1 hour eggtimer hyperlapse video .
Filmed in La Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium using my GoPro hero 5 with a tripod and a simple egg timer I bought at a local supermarket. .
The film is sped up to fit 60minutes into 30seconds. What a fantastic place to film and spend time in, meeting travelers from all over the world on their own adventures. A great way to spend an hour in the sun!
See how many funny moments you can spot in the film. The square was filled with thousands of people taking s...

Today we stopped off at the majestic Glenfinnan Viaduct in the Highlands of Scotland timed precisely to see the 'Hogwarts express' Locomotive pass by at 3pm. Surrounded by tourist from all over the world, it was quite a beautiful moment when the first whistle of the steam engine blew, and a hush fell upon the hill where we were all waiting patiently. If you ever get a chance to be in this area, make sure to look up the train times and make this amazing moment a part of your adventure. 

16 Apr 2017

 A weekend in Hamburg

A 3 minute short film focused on the public space in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I was made as part of field research to determine the usage of the cities urban public space and used as a record for how the situation was after development. 

12 May 2016

Short film of an office research cycle trip to Copenhagen May 2016.

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