23 Sep 2018

🌈 Regenboog 🌈 Fun fact, did you know in a double rainbow the order of its color is reversed?!
The second rainbow has red on the inner side of the arc. the light is reflected twice on the inside of the water droplets. single rainbow goes from violet on the inside to red on the outside ... Just like this icon 🌈 now you know!

Well this caught me by surprise! What a beautiful moment to see! After being caught up in a very short yet heavy downpour it ended with such a beautiful #rainbow above...

28 Jul 2016

A habit of mine is to wander the streets of Eindhoven in the late summers evenings to take pictures of the sun setting. One in particular which is a favourite for me is the sun alignment with the Torenallee. This happens at the end of July each year and on a clear night it proves to be a spectacular view! This is a photo I took for my instagram @goooordiiii an account dedicated to Eindhoven 

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October 6, 2017

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