30 Sep 2018

De Nieuwe Celsiusbuurt. Home to the most colourful architecture and art you will see in Eindhoven!
Located in woensel west, the new Celsius neighbourhood replaced a whole bunch of old houses and transformed the area into a mix of houses and apartments. A central theme which is impossible to miss when you visit here is the beautiful graffiti art which is themed around Thomas Edison. (the project is located on Edisonstraat by the way!).
I must say that in a response to my previous posts about...

28 Sep 2018

Warped city 🌀
#cityart #goldenhour #architecture and a bit of #citygreen! A few of the last #eindhovencity #eindhovencapturedthemes roled into one 😅
I took this shot last evening after work. From this perspective its quite cool...looks like #warped space. The art form shape (only from this angle I must add) reflects the architectural aperture quite well. For the rest... Well I think most people will know my opinion of this by reading my previous post on this #graff...

28 Sep 2018

 Todays I was recording a presentation to be sent to Taiwan for a project I am working on. Communicating ideas and concepts to someone half way across the world is difficult enough! So we try to make it easier for ourselves by filming our presentations and sending them. Todays set up is with the Canon 7D mark ii, the Rode  VideoMic Pro Rycote and 2 studio lights to provide some softer lighting for the presenter (me!) instead of the harsh tungsten meeting room lights. The audio sync in Adobe Prem...

25 Sep 2018

❄️🍂🍁 A warm welcome to the cold mornings of Autumn!

This week seemed to mark the end of summer... Just a few days ago it was still 26 deg! and now it is blooming cold again in the morning! ❄️
It's been a good summer I think. Great weather. Long. And personally I have enjoyed it. A lot of mini adventures and good memories. Thanks summer! Can't believe its the end of #September already!!! .
So onto #autumn! 🍁🍂 And onto getting up in the #mornings in the dark! This week I have been ta...

23 Sep 2018

🌈 Regenboog 🌈 Fun fact, did you know in a double rainbow the order of its color is reversed?!
The second rainbow has red on the inner side of the arc. the light is reflected twice on the inside of the water droplets. single rainbow goes from violet on the inside to red on the outside ... Just like this icon 🌈 now you know!

Well this caught me by surprise! What a beautiful moment to see! After being caught up in a very short yet heavy downpour it ended with such a beautiful #rainbow above...

18 Sep 2018

Gij die hier staat gedenk hun dood hun offer groot voordat gij gaat.
Herinner u de namen 1940-1945.
It is hard to find poetic words to describe this post. I can only find myself writing facts on what this symbolizes for the city.

This is the liberation monument. Located in the Stadshuisplein in Eindhoven, it was installed on the 10 year anniversary of the liberation of the city on the 18th September 1954. It is a symbol of remembrance, the three figures representing the citizens, the sold...

17 Sep 2018

This week I'm working on bringing some artwork to life. It will be uploaded next week! So stay tuned! 

17 Sep 2018

The entrance to the bicycle park in the #18Septemberplein has had a #graffiti art makeover. It's something!

Earlier this week I ran a poll on my stories to see if people liked it... (I must admit to my surprise) an overwhelming 85% were in favour of it! So it seems a positive addition to the city once again #Eindhoven! . 
If I'm honest, I still have mixed feeling about it though...

As all good #art does, it provoked me...

It raised a lot of questions for me: Do I like...

13 Sep 2018

This week I visited again Brainport Industries Campus to photograph the construction process. The first tenants have just moved in and the last stages of construction are underway in other parts of the campus. The photos here are of the several thousand m2 in floor area soon to be a production hall for manufacturing and assembly for the aerospace industry. 

7 Sep 2018

Week one complete of another timelapse. This time we run for 4 months! 

7 Sep 2018

Im always in search for the beat views of the city. On top of buildings, terraces, New vantaelgr points, I love to explore new places every week! Today I ce to somewhere familiar, the terrace of the microlab. Here i was with a fellow Instagrammers taking photos of Eindhoven! 

5 Sep 2018

This week Im capturing the newly opened Brainport Industries Campus business center.  

1 Sep 2018

 This month I was fortunate to win the @eindhovencity #eindhovencaptured photography competition! I have made so many photographs of the city, especially the sunsetting so its an awesome feeling to win the theme that i love the most! Its not quite the Christ the redeemer statue in Rio, but on top of the 66m high Augustijnenkerk stands a statue of Christ. The Augustijnenkerk was built at the end of the nineteenth century for the Augustinian priests of the adjacent Mariënhage Monastery which is no...

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