Gordon Thomas Jack | Photography & Film

KVK nummer: 71173595

This month I was commissioned to made 6 short films for Best Image, Eindhoven, an advertisement agency specialised in signage around the city of Eindhoven. The testimonial films explain what the company does and why the product is so valuable for their customers. Films were shot on locations around Eindhoven. 

31 Aug 2017

Tonight is a late night to fix some unfortunate loud bangs and background noises in a recent interview footage I made. With the Spectral Frequency Display it is easier to see the spike. A bit of trial and error to locate the loud noise and then use the heal tool to reduce the sound and to seamlessly blend it together with the rest of the footage. Once played back it should not be so noticeable. 

19 Aug 2017

Scotland. The best place to take a break away from the city life and explore nature at its finest...

Here are a few photos from my recent summer vacation in Scotland. Over a 2 week period we toured around the Highlands and Islands, visiting Skye, Loch Ness and Edinburgh amongst many other beautiful and spectacular places. 

Today we stopped off at the majestic Glenfinnan Viaduct in the Highlands of Scotland timed precisely to see the 'Hogwarts express' Locomotive pass by at 3pm. Surrounded by tourist from all over the world, it was quite a beautiful moment when the first whistle of the steam engine blew, and a hush fell upon the hill where we were all waiting patiently. If you ever get a chance to be in this area, make sure to look up the train times and make this amazing moment a part of your adventure. 

 Sitting on the balcony filming the sky coming alive is an amazing experience. Every time the sky roars, it always tells a different story. This storm in particular was rewarding to watch as it allowed for some spectacular strikes on the horizon.